MEA Financial Services is proud to offer voluntary Long Term Care Insurance.

Open Enrollment Begins October 20, 2020 and ends on January 20, 2021

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Advantages of the Special Enrollment


Comprehensive coverage in your home, your community, assisted living facility or nursing home.


All plans are fully portable. If you are terminated, leave your job or move to another state, you can take your plan with you.

Tax Incentives

Tax-qualified, tax-free Federal benefits and State tax incentives (varies by State).

No Gender-Based Pricing

No gender-based pricing which means applicants do not pay higher premiums based on their gender.

Marital Discounts

Eligible members and their spouse/domestic partner who are approved for and purchase long term care insurance are eligible for discounted premiums. The premium amount varies depending on your age and the options you choose.

Simplified Underwriting

Members ages 18-64, working at least 20 hours per week and their spouses/domestic partners ages 18-49 (who apply with the eligible member) are eligible to apply with simplified underwriting during the open enrollment period: October 20, 2020 - January 20, 2021. All other members may be eligible to apply with full medical underwriting.